Guild Wars 2 – Rinse, Lather, Repeat


Revolutionary, Fresh, Innovative. All words used to describe Arenanets Guild Wars 2. But here’s another word, boring. The game itself has been out for around a year now, so I won’t bother reviewing it, but after picking it up recently I can’t help but talk about it.   For anyone unaware, the original Guild Wars was released a few years ago, set in the world of Tyria it lured players in with its low level cap and lack of subscription fee. For those that stuck around the game long enough to try PvP would have found one of the most balanced, competitive and enjoyable multi-player experiences I have seen to this day. Often I play MMOs in the hope that the competitive play will live up to Guild Wars, and often I am disappointed  So you can understand my optimism as I was sitting on the train on the way home a week after building my gaming rig, giddily clutching it’s direct sequel, Guild Wars 2. Continue reading


Top 5 Beards In Gaming

After the rather serious and sombre tone of the previous post, I thought something a little more light hearted is required to balance the scales, I wouldn’t want people getting the wrong impression. We can still have fun here….Wait, don’t leave….

5. Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman

Rocking in at number 5 is our old pal Gordon Freeman, sporting what I like to call the nerd beard. Beardtastic!

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Video Game Addiction

How many hours per week would you play video games? 20? 40? More? Games have come under the scrutiny of many psychologists, claiming that many players may be addicted, and as a result games are having an adverse effect on their lives.

Many scholars are pushing for video game addiction (VGA) to become an official psychological disorder under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. They believe that too much screen time can lead gamers to show the same signs of addiction that a drug addict would display, including disregard for personal hygiene, change in mood, avoiding social situation and sleep deprivation. Continue reading

Why Strategy Games Don’t Work On Consoles

It’s no secret that the Real Time Strategy, or RTS, is one of my favourite genre of games, but it is a genre that is almost exclusively available to PC gamers. They seem to have the life of Riley, frolicking about with their Age of Empires and Starcrafts, leaving console gamers in the dark. But what exactly is it that is stopping RTS games from taking off on consoles?

A lot of gamers argue that the complexity of the control scheme is just too much for a simple console controller to handle, and only a full keyboard and mouse set up would suffice. You would be inclined to believe they are correct, 8 buttons or so would restrict a game from having as much depth as it would have on a PC, but games like Halo Wars have proven this wrong by providing an accessible and easy to learn control scheme. Granted Halo Wars isn’t the most complex of games, but it does provide the fundamental mechanics for a successful RTS. So why haven’t other developers followed suit? I believe the answer lies a lot deeper than controls. Continue reading