Top 5 Beards In Gaming

After the rather serious and sombre tone of the previous post, I thought something a little more light hearted is required to balance the scales, I wouldn’t want people getting the wrong impression. We can still have fun here….Wait, don’t leave….

5. Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman

Rocking in at number 5 is our old pal Gordon Freeman, sporting what I like to call the nerd beard. Beardtastic!

4. Dom Santaigo

Dom Santiago

Dom was beardless for the first 2 Gears of Wars, but in GoW 3 he came exploding back onto our screens with some of the manliest facial hair ever seen! I think that’s why I miss him so much.

3. Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung

Now we’re talking about the old Shang Tsung, the new one hardly had a goatee worth mentioning, but this guy? I mean just look at it! The stuff of legends.

2. Master Chief

Master Chief

Now don’t even try to tell me that you think Master Chief is clean shaven under there? No one that has saved the world THAT many times and has that grizzly of a voice doesn’t have a beard. Not to mention he hasn’t had a chance to shave from Halo 1 through to 4.

1. Zangief 


The Red Cyclone has hands down the best beard in gaming, Only when your beard matches your chest hair can you call yourself a man! Marvel In its splendour!


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Beards In Gaming

  1. Max Payne and John Marston are quite upset they aren’t on this list!

  2. Honourable mentions for sure! There were just too many to choose from!

  3. Jak wants a word too 😀

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